Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Jackson Area Assembly May 4, 2017–Meeting Minutes

Jackson Area Assembly                                                                   May 4th, 2017

Minutes to the meeting on May 4th 2017 for the Jackson area assembly 2186

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Worthy Navigator Alfred Cielen

The meeting was held at Our Lady of Fatima, The Pledge of allegiance was re sighted, Prayer was done by Fred Wilson

The Roll call of officers

All officers were present or excused,

Motion made for last month minutes to except as presented seconded and past.

Comptroller Report and Purser Reports

Paper copies of both reports given out to members present.

Motion made to accept reports as given with only 1 question on comptrollers report, Number of dues collected did not match with the amount of money collected for dues, Matt was not there will be explained next month, motion Seconded and passed.

Navigator report

Faithful Navigator reported the news letter was sent out on the 18th any one with fee back please pass it on to make the newsletter better. The exempt went well we were short of our quota. Elections are tonight.

Old Business

Faithful Navigator will contact Kiwanis club about flags

New Business

The election results, Faithful Navigator Al Cielen, Faithful Admiral Fred Wilson, Faithful Captain Chip Frannsen, Faithful Comptroller Matthew Lockwood, Faithful Pursor Jason Lefebvre, Pilot David Vanhoof, Faithful Scribe Chris Blunt, Faithful Inner Sentinel Bill Roller, Faithful Outer Sentinel Leonard Piskorski, Faithful Trustee 1yr. Dale Fisher, Faithful Trustee 2yr. Benedict Dandrow, Faithful Trustee 3yr. George Walrath.

What parades are we going to this year, the 4th of July, Christmas parade and maybe the rose parade?

District Deputy Report

George Walrath Make sure you get all paperwork to the state for your elections finally dead line is June 30th, remember the Knights are about doing things for the domestic church.

Good of the Order

Decon Lou Weitel, Lady Kendra Lehuller,  Diane Brown, John Planklia Liz Virgnia , Father Mr Richard, Louie Baze, Loretta Herron, Linda Lefebver, Joyce Brower,  Duffy Family, Dave C Chief Lefler , Ted Wozank , Linda Ford, Father Paul Cummings, Kevin Christiasen, Sherri Fistler Carolyn Bohy, Matt Lockwood and family, Gerald Gavthier, Grace Reasoned, Keith and Virgina Smith, Duke Reasoner, Angela Schleicher, Kathy Cielen, Lady Diane Duszynske, Rosemary Herzberg, Ron Karasek, Johnny Pate, Robert Ludwig, Gabriel Lockwood and Lesley Whetstone,  Christine Hewley, Pam Wilson, Mark Sommerfield, Tom Bedall, Bill Johnson, Keith Richards, Rosemary Hersberger, Loretta Herron, Jacob Franssen, David arpasi, Mary Margaret Golek, Millie Weise, Joyce Brower, Louie Baze, Jeff Wilson, Jim Mavrer,

Closing prayer by Fred Wilson

Scribe Arlie Keirns


June 1st, 2017 General meeting starts at 7:30pm


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