Friday, October 28, 2016

Navigator’s Comments–November 2016

Greetings from Lady Julie and Myself.

40 Days for Life is still going on for another 3 weeks. The Assembly has volunteered to support this activity and we have secured Thursday night from 6PM ~ 7PM for our prayer vigil. Would be nice to have more than 2 Sir Knights show up. With that said, I did receive an email from our Worthy Sr. Marshall Bill Currie in regards to dress at these functions. His comment follows; A question came up at the open meeting portion of the Provincial Meeting earlier this month about wearing regalia at a pro-life vigil.  It came down from Supreme Council that we were not to wear regalia.  He will try to get the memorandum stating this policy.

The Lansing Diocese meeting was held on Monday, October 17th. The primary agenda items were the upcoming Exemplification, Operation Patriotism, Provincial Meeting update, and planning for the remainder of the fraternal year. I will give a full report at our next Assembly meeting.

With the Exemplification fast approaching, we have been again asked to donate a basket for the Basket Raffle at the Exemplification Banquet hosted by the Ladies of Michigan District II. I have approved Lady Julie to proceed with getting the basket around and not to exceed $50 in doing so.

We have only received 1 application for the Exemplification at this time (disappointing to say the least). Gentlemen we will all need to work harder at making our yearly quota with the Spring Exempt.

The application for the Jackson Christmas parade has been sent in and I am waiting on acceptance of the parade board.  So please save the date of Friday, November 18th 2016 and remember all are welcome to join us in showing our Patriotism and our theme of “Keep Christ in Christmas” spirit as we did last year.

We will also need a motion at the next meeting to again this year take out a Billboard Ad for the “Keep Christ in Christmas” campaign.

The ladies will again be attending our meeting this month with the potluck beginning at 6:30pm and meeting at 7:30pm. For October, Lady Julie Cielen will be supplying Turkey for the main dish. We will be going by last names for the rest of the potluck items. A – I Deserts, J- R Potatoes or Vegetable’s, S - Z Salads (Lettuce or Pasta)

The Assembly will pay for the cost of the Main Course, the Ladies will just need to turn in their bills to the Faithful Comptroller to get reimbursed.

See you at the November 3rd meeting.

In service to you!

Worthy Faithful Navigator, Al Cielen and Lady Julie

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