Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Faithful Navigators Special Report on the New Uniform

Brother Sir Knights,

Vivat Jesus,

This past Saturday was the Michigan District II meeting which was held in Dewitt and was attended by Matt Lockwood and Jason Lefebvre. A very special thank you to both of them!

I also received information from other sources that at this meeting some assemblies in attendance were discussing ways that they were assisting to defray some of the cost of the new Uniform for their current Honor Guard members and SK who wish to join the ranks of the Honor Guard.

So at this time I am proposing as an Assembly we consider offering financial assistance to our members. What that amount will be is unclear at this time but I would suggest we do at least $100 and that we not exceed a maximum of $250 per current Honor Guard members (and anyone wishing to join the Honor Guard as well) through the 2017-2018 Fraternal year (ending June 30th 2018). Many Assemblies are currently offering the $250.00 per member with proof of purchase. We must remember that nowhere is it required that a Fourth Degree member must purchase the new Uniform, unless that member intends to be part of the Honor Guard. The new Uniform will be the only Honor Guard Uniform allowed starting July 1, 2018. Hopefully this will help some of you when it comes time to decide on ordering the new uniform or not.

I know this proposal must be voted on at our next regularly scheduled meeting on October 5th which is after the Supreme September 30, 2017 deadline for a 25% discount. And I am hoping for some good discussion in regards to this issue and know that we as an Assembly will do what is right for our members. If the Assembly so votes and a member orders his uniform prior to the September 30 deadline the cost of the uniform could be reduced by $375.00 bringing the cost to the member to just approximately $135.00.

I have checked with our Comptroller and Purser and yes we currently do have the funds available to cover all current active Color Corps members and pay all our 2017-18 projected bills; plus we have two major fundraisers and our annual dues upcoming, the first being the Flag program and the second our placemat program.

I would strongly encourage our current Color Corps members to pray on this proposition and consider all the good we do as we stand guard for our Fallen Brothers, take part in special Church liturgies, and spread the word to keep Christ in Christmas, show our Patriotism as we join the 4th of July Parade and so many more events. Many of these events and ceremonies, without a strong Honor Guard after July 1, 2018, our Assembly just won’t be able to do and we will be saying no to our Councils and Priests.

Those of you wishing to order the new Uniform can get fitted at no cost at Men’s Warehouse and it will take approximately 10 minutes to do so. You will need this information to order your new uniform on line at . (Feel free to call me with any questions)

Don’t forget that we are under a deadline of September 30th to get the discounted cost from Supreme. This discount along with what the Assembly decides could make a big difference in cost that any member would have to incur with this change.

I personally have ordered my new Uniform and I am looking forward to serving in our Assemblies Honor Guard now and in the future.

Faithful Navigator

Al Cielen

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